Meet our 2017 interns- Alice’s story


By Alice Wanjiru

Life is an interesting journey. It has its peaks and valleys twists and turns you never know where it takes you, you can actually get an interesting surprise. Ojay Greene has had its portion of the journey, from a point of its outmost success to a point of significant lows, but there is a lady who has not been shaken with all this, the face behind Ojay Greene, Yvette Ondachi. Ever since I met her she has taught me a lot. One of the lessons that stood out is not to give up at any situation does not matter what you are facing.

When I joined Ojay I did not know what to expect I actually was not sure if this was a right move for me at that time, I was not sure of what to look forward to, having in mind of what the company has gone through .But one thing I have learnt from it was when you go south and reach a dead end the only way left is to go north. Yvette has taught me that everything you dream can come true it’s a matter of believing in yourself and understanding your worth.

The first time I heard of Ojay Greene’s story I recollected myself. I told myself that it was not a coincidence I was there because as it is nothing in life happens without a reason and purpose for it. It is amazing how being an intern at Ojay Greene has taught me to think and change my perspective about life. At the end of the day is what you bring to the table and how you impacted someone else’s life that will matter.

Ojay Greene has taught me to make the world a better place, let us stop thinking about ourselves for a while and take a minute to think about your neighbor and how you can make him/her have hope in life once again.

This company has taught me to envision greatness, to just stop belittling myself and know that I can make it in whatever circumstances I am, and no matter what, not to allow anyone to look down upon me, it has taught me confidence and believing in myself it has taught me courage Ito know that I can face anything in life and come out the victorious.

Yvette Ondachi has taught me to build myself and taught me that investing in one self is the most precious gift you will ever give yourself. Allowing yourself to grow and believing that you can do it, you have the power and capacity of doing it, and even if you don’t succeed in all situations your failures should act like lessons and a way of giving yourself a chance to move and improve yourself.

Nonetheless I don’t regret having interned at Ojay Greene because I would have not been as wise as I am now. I thank Ojay Greene and more specifically for being more than just a mentor to me.

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