Meet our 2017 interns – Anaclate’s story

Ojay Greene Gave Me an Opportunity to Grow

The morning of my first day at Ojay Greene, a social enterprise in Hurlingham was clouded with fear, perhaps fear of the unknown. Even though this was the case, I had my expectations- learn, network, impact lives positively by offering solutions to human problems and an opportunity to offer my skills and knowledge that I hoped my internship at the firm will make a reality. This was affirmed by Yvette Ondachi, the Founder and Managing Director who interviewed me that morning just to ensure I was not only coming to offer my skills and expertise to the organization but also to learn and develop myself personally from the experience at the organization.

Anaclate intern

During my internship, I had the opportunity of visiting KIRDI to conduct a research for drying equipment; I interacted with consumers at Kibra market, East lands, visited different supermarket chains and interacted with Ojay Greene farmers in different parts of the country. I witnessed the impact created by Ojay Greene by improving the livelihoods of farmers as they are now able to not only fend for their needs but also have a sustainable income- many have bought dairy cattle. All these activities were aimed at enhancing the theoretical knowledge I had about Agricultural Engineering and Economics and by extension social responsibility.

I have had the experience in Agricultural entrepreneurship that any student could ask for. I have learned the patience of doing business and especially in the Agricultural industry. As an agricultural enterprise, you should know your worth. The kind of business conducted by Ojay Greene has taught me better, not to just take everything that looks good because such deals are very deceiving and they will likely cause you to drive other people’s agendas at the expense of your own agenda.

Even though this was an unpaid internship-of, which most people my age would refuse to take, I had what money cannot buy, experience. I learned the importance of conducting research and gathering all the important data before venturing into a project, a model Ojay really emphasizes following the loss they had to incur because they did not test the soil before planting tomatoes some time back.

I can say without a doubt that my expectations have been met during the internship at Ojay Greene and my only regret is that the two months I had were not enough to explore everything. Even though this is the case, the little time I had was the best time and I cannot envision myself having spent that time elsewhere. To this end, I am looking forward to working again with Ojay Greene.

Thank you, everyone, at Ojay Greene for being so kind and welcoming to me. Special thanks to Yvette Ondachi for welcoming me and my fellow interns to Ojay Greene and for providing this opportunity for us to give to society and also learn from it. A lot of thanks also go to my fellow interns at Ojay Greene for the support, teamwork and endurance we put up together.

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