Meet our 2017 interns – Owade’s Story

Atula Owade Intern

ATULA OWADE-  Final Year Student B.SC Agricultural & Bioengineering Systems – Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

I have always thought of myself as someone who is meant to feed the world. This is a big and scary vision, yet is one of the things that drives me and has informed most of my choices over the past few years. One of the most significant decisions I have made so far is interning at Ojay Greene. The period I have been at the company has offered me great insights into an industry I thought I understood well. I have learned some things that I would never have learnt in the lecture halls and have gained invaluable experience that will guide my career path going forward.

Before I started the internship program, one of my foremost expectations was for it to be an avenue through which I could better understand the agricultural sector, with the particular focus on the crops that Ojay Greene deals with. However, what I have gained in this short period is far greater than that. By handling the tasks thrown our way and briefly interacting with farmers, I have had a complete mental shift concerning how I look at the industry. Despite the internship having been short and therefore preventing us from implementing all the strategies we set in place, it has been an eye-opener that I am very grateful for.

My initial plan was to go for an internship at a company that does greenhouse design and installation. A chance meeting with the Ojay Greene founder Yvette Ondachi opened a door I had not expected. It is not always that you encounter someone whose vision marries with yours and I, therefore, decided that I wanted to work with and for her. I figured that based on her experience and connections, I could gain entry into a sector that I intend to have an impact on. I also believed that I could use my knowledge and skills to grow the company while having a positive impact on farmers’ lives and playing a role, however small, in feeding this part of the world.

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