Meet our 2017 Interns – Yvette’s Story

Why Ojay Greene?

yvette intern

What makes us go back to restaurants is the memory of an incomparable taste of quality and service. Africa is full of life, full of nature, full of beauty, an incomparable and irresistible richness of culture. A home that is so welcoming with endless opportunities. That has been my dream, bringing the taste of Africa into the market. Ojay Greene indeed has offered it at its best.

Being part of this worthwhile internship journey has accelerated my desire of creating an impact that is undeniably of quality. An environment that has brought out the importance of communication, a step that will do away with food insecurity.
Studying market trends and consumer needs, working with smallholder farmers on a directed productivity and linking them to profitable markets, these are some of the activities I have been part of. The end result brings a satisfaction that all parties are full of smiles. One of my colleagues would say, Ojay Greene brings a triple win.

My original expectation was to learn on more recommendable ways of optimal production of fresh fruits and vegetables. Interact with farmers and be aware of market trends. However, my experience has exceeded my expectations. Being in Ojay Greene has made me more bold character wise. Being part of a team that is always willing to work together has made me realize the importance of people.

‘Always have the end goal in mind. It may take a while but someone may continue from where you reached.’ That is the statement that I loved from the founder,  Yvette Ondachi. She has taught me that once you begin, there is always something better that can be done. Moreover, mistakes are there for you to learn and there is no better experience than on the job experience. To crown it all, passion and satisfaction from what you do is what will drive your vision to reality.

This is an experience that I wouldn’t want to end and I hope that the youth will realize that there is great potential in Agriculture.





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