CNN African Start Up Shares Ojay Greene’s story Giving the company a Global Audience

By Ojay Greene Media


At Ojay Greene we are striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of smallholder farmers in Kenya. 18 million people from smallholder farmer families in Kenya earn less than $700 annually from agriculture. With agriculture making such a significant contribution to the GDP, then why do smallholder farmers (the drivers of this industry) earn so little from agriculture? The underlying reason is because they practice subsistence farming.


Ojay Greene is engaging with smallholder farmers in Kenya to increase their earnings and make their agricultural practice profitable. This involves a behavioural shift from subsistence farming to building agricultural microenterprises. Ojay Greene aggregates their products and connects them to urban markets.


We use an innovative model that incorporates mobile phone technology to enhance knowledge transfer among smallholder farmers, standardize the production cycle and ensure the products are produced following the highest quality standards making them of an acceptable safety measure to the consumers.

Follow this link to watch the story on CNN



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