Yale School of Management Features Ojay Greene at the 2016 African Business Practicum

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On November 5th 2016, Ojay Greene founder Yvette Ondachi was a speaker representing the company at the third annual African Business Practicum; an initiative of Yale University’s School of Management.  The Africa Business Practicum  entails  a first-of-its-kind, hands-on workshop that focuses on addressing critical problems faced by real businesses operating in Africa. Ojay Greene was the 2016 African Company of Focus at the event.

Also participating were invited students from leading business schools (in Africa and the US) and other partner institutions like YALI who collaboratively explored the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Africa through the lens of an organization operating on the continent.

The speakers and case evaluators represented key changemakers with a significant footprint in the African continent. They were inspirational and the feedback  that they offered the students was practical, contextually relevant, thought provoking and mentally stimulating.

The insights generated were A Class and they will go a long way to enhance the work Ojay Greene is doing to transform Agriculture in Africa and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers thereby changing the narrative for the African smallholder farmers.

Below are pictures of some of the speakers

Ojay Greene Founder Yvette Ondachi discussing some challenges faced by young entrepreneurs

     c-d-glin                    raymond

Yvette Ondachi  Founder                   C D Glin – President & CEO                     Prof Raymond Akwule

Ojay Greene Limited                   U.S. African Development Foundation        George Mason University

Keynote Speaker ABP  2016             Keynote Speaker ABP 2016             ABP 2016 Case Reviewer

frank                               joshin

Frank Rusa Nyakaana                                                   Joshin Raghubar

Deputy Manager, Uganda Democratic                 Founder, Ikineo & Yale World Fellow

Governance Facility

 ABP 2016    Case Reviewer                                      ABP 2016    Case Reviewer

To learn more about the African Business Practicum click on the link below:


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