Yvette Ondachi Speaks of Her SOCAP 16 Experiences as a beneficiary of the Social Entrepreneur Scholarship

SOCAP is the world’s leading conference on impact investing and social enterprise. This annual event held in San Francisco, gathers together more than 2,500 delegates who comprise of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, foundations, global non-profits, and other contributors of a vibrant marketplace. The sole objective of this dynamic gathering is to generate socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business models. The dates of SOCAP 16 was held from 8:30 am Tuesday September 13th to Friday September 16th at 5:00pm -2016


SOCAP puts social entrepreneurs at the heart of the event because they represent a group that identifies NEW solutions to pressing issues while balancing impact with sustainable business models.

Yvette was pleasantly surprised when she was selected for the 2016 scholarship. She was one of 160 chosen social entrepreneurs from around the globe. This is what she had to say…


“The experience was remarkable!!! It gave me a chance to connect with real change-makers; people who are passionate about making the world a better place. It also opened my eyes to the different initiatives and solutions to different global problems, from sanitation to disability to agriculture as well as education and healthcare. Such an experience made me realize that it is indeed a real privilege to do what I do.

The accelerator program was relevant, inspirational and enabled me to make my initial friends. I met people who I follow on twitter face to face and they were even more impressive in real life. I also got to connect with accelerators that have watched Ojay Greene grow and offered us support such as Village Capital, The Unreasonable Institute, and The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. I also got to interact with The Case Foundation who was running a beautiful campaign ‘Faces of Founders’ and I received insights on how we could participate in USAID’s DIV program. Through this interaction, Ojay Greene received publicity by getting a platform to share our story at the Social Entrepreneurs Pitching Session. We also received twitter visibility and a mention as an innovator to watch on the #Storify



The connections were authentic; the plenary sessions were insightful and all in all SOCAP is a place every player in the social impact space should make an effort to attend.


Thank you, SOCAP. Hope to join you again in 2017!!”



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