About us

About Us

Ojay Greene is a "Tech enabled Agribusiness" with a social mission-“To increase the incomes of smallholder farmers in Africa.” At Ojay Greene we believe that if agricultural practices are optimized in Africa, the continent will be in a better position to feed itself and feed other continents all year round.

With urbanization increasing at a very rapid rate, there is a need to upscale the production of fruits and vegetables in order to match the rising demand. The agribusiness focuses on meeting the rising demand of fruits and vegetables in urban areas by employing a unique market driven business model that integrates smallholder farmers to up scale production levels.

However, climate change and global warming poses a huge risk of crop failure thereby lowering productivity levels and threating to worsen the already bad situation of food insecurity. Ojay Greene includes the approach of "Climate Smart Agriculture" to mitigate the risks posed by climate change and ensure that smallholder farmers will be in a position to make a profit from Agriculture.


To find out more on how Ojay Greene is Leveraging on technology to enhance food production, use the following link Ustawihub

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