Our Services

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 Ojay Greene’s Services Improves Productivity and Income

For Smallholder Farmers

Ojay Greene gives smallholder farmer groups and communities the opportunity to compete in urban markets and increases their chances of success by offering them the following services:

  1. Advisory services

    Showing farmers how to assess soil quality

  2. Technical Support: Farm visits and farm demonstrations

    Extension services

    Ensuring that farmers get it right from the beginning of the planting cycle.

  3. Access to inputs*

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  4. Access to markets

    From Farm to Shelf - safe and ready for consumption.

    Delivering quality products to consumers through effective Market linkage.

*-Access to inputs is currently dependent on the availability of funding. To find out more about how you can partner with us to provide inputs for smallholder farmers look out for our “Adopt a farming community” campaign coming up between March and June 2017.



How it’s Done

Ojay Greene differentiates itself by Ustawihub a unique mobile technology innovation  that offers smallholder farmers in their network real time support:

Agronomists in Ojay Greene send out text messages to smallholder farmers giving weekly alerts on Good Agricultural Practices. This increases their chances of high crop yields.

Smallholder farmers confirm receipt of text messages and raise queries, concerns and disease outbreak alerts as they happen to enable quick intervention and minimize episodes of crop failure or livestock disease outbreak as the case may be.

Mobile Platform