Calm, cradled in both of your hands

  1. Nourish the Body.
    A handcrafted blend acts against free radicals, microbes and inflammation. Aromas of lemongrass and hibiscus curl in the air, defuse the weight of each day.

  2. Acknowledge a Beloved.
    Every day is an occasion to cherish another. We start love letters for you to finish. By giving to our most dear, our own stillness expands into serenity.

  3. Uplift the Vulnerable.
    Each woman who delivers your package receives a life-giving grant for her family. Through education and financial literacy, your encouragement has a lasting effect on women’s lives.

Give from meadows by the lakeside that smell like home.

Love letters to you, yours and beyond.

Gifts for the Soul

Tea that flowers rural communities.

Creating opportunities in more vulnerable parts of Kenya is the origin of our work. Ojay Greene is a mission — that exceeds the bounds of a company.

We interface between agronomists, sociologists, the market, and thousands of farmers. Our impact rests at the junction: the vulnerability of villages, the quality of the harvest, and our consumer's wishes. We follow our mission, first and foremost.

The promise — a woman, a village.

Female farmers care for an average of 6 dependents. Thus, we commit to subsidizing each of their children's education. We hone our commitment to providing indiscriminate literacy to all children. This critical keystone creates visible change, allowing families to rapidly climb the economic ladder.

Additionally, fill the information gap that exists between the rich and the poor farmer. By using climate-smart tech and dispersing expertise on best practices, we witness female farmers flourishing.