A Bold Vision: A World Where Givers Give To Givers

Ojay Greene is a brand built around women who we love and we are, whether you are a farmer in rural Kenya or a single mom working a 9-to-5 job anywhere in the world. In a world where unpaid labor often goes unseen and undervalued, we intend for our products to speak to the unseen work of caring for others in our life. We hope that Ojay Greene feels like an embrace of gratitude to anyone, anywhere.

How our farms give to you

We work only with farmers that have a track record of empowering others... from the drivers who pick up your tea leaves to the boxes that we wrap with our own hands, we feel that intentions matter. The high-end essence of our products reflects this intention and care. We work with the trustworthy, the caretakers, the activist spirits who intend to nourish others.

Meet our founder, Yvette Ondachi

Biochemist Yvette Ondachi abandoned her flourishing marketing career to work on green pastures. “I decided to risk it all and walked away from my nice, comfortable job. There have been some gut-wrenching moments, physically very difficult — but there have also been moments of satisfaction that I have never felt in my entire life.”