At Ojay Greene, we work to cultivate a better world.

Our community of smallholder farmers is at the heart of our work. We don't collaborate - we invest in everything we do.

Antifragility & Climate Change

As we currently scale from 3000 farmers to 30,000 farmers, we are not aloof of the risks posed by our current times. Our tech-enabled, education-first farming practices allow farmers to be prepared for the massive impact of climate change and global warming. Smart farming prepares us for the possibility of generational food security.

Women-Led Through Times of Societal Change

While we exclude no one from our selective recruitment processes, we are non-neutral employers by policy. We favor self-identifying women and minority groups to redistribute social and economic control in rural areas. Our bias for supporting women does not make us less appreciative of the role that men play, but allows us to even the playing field where it dips.

How does Ojay Greene “Choose Life”?

By partnering with I Choose Life, Africa, we ensure that our internal and external interactions are conducive for improving our quality of life. I Choose Life educates all people on how to better navigate the challenges of economic self-sufficiency and self-realization. The evidence-based approach facilitates cross-disciplinary learning across the sectors of government, academia, civil society and corporate life. We want anyone to encounter our work to leave better than they were.

A Thriving Learning Hub for Youth

Ojay Greene has hosted multiple cohorts of interns, providing mentorship, a flat organization structure and opportunities for equal collaboration and mutual growth in the workplace. We take care of our interns as though they are our own family, valuing their contribution and insight long-term.